Three Things I Learned About Going to a Nutritionist

A few months ago, Julie reached out to me to discuss my office and the possibility of joining.  I thought it was a pretty good idea to discuss it and I wanted to learn more.  I had never seen a nutritionist before.  I feel like a nutritionist is similar to a therapist, most people only see them when something is wrong.  And here I am going to be able to meet with one just to see how her services work and how well of a fit she really will be for Caring Therapists of Broward.  I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by what I learned about my session with Julie, the nutritionist.


1. I get enough protein

I have haters. I know it’s hard to believe that a therapist would have haters but it’s true.  And it’s not because I’m a therapist, rather because I am vegan.  Whenever I tell someone I’m vegan, the first question they ask is “where do you get your protein”.  Next time this happens, I now have a written report from a licensed professional that indicates that I get enough protein.  Do you know how excited I was to hear that?

2. I have to make time to eat

What I wasn’t excited to hear and reflect on was how much of my eating is on the go. I’m eating my waffle in the car on the way to work.  I’m scarfing down my veggie proteins for lunch in between sessions.  I’m eating my snacks on the fly, mostly while doing other things.  Very rarely am I practicing mindfulness while eating.  And it wasn’t until it was in my face on paper that I filled out about my eating habits did I even realize how my busy-ness keeps me from being mindful with eating and with many other things in my life.  Since my meeting with Julie, I have scheduled in times for me to eat (though I still enjoy my waffle on the car on the way to work) and I started a more regular meditation routine so I can become more present and aware throughout my entire life.

3. I’ve got strengths and weaknesses in my life

So some meals and some days I am a stellar eater, eating very little carbs, all the right mix of nutrients and when my stomach tells me I’m hungry. Other days, I eat too many chips and cookies.  What I was expecting was to get a grade.  Amanda, you get a B- for your overall eating habits.  What I got instead was a real life look at my strengths and weaknesses when it came to my nutritional health.  And from my weaknesses, I was able to make SMART goals, such as scheduling exercise into my calendar five days a week and starting a DHA supplement.

Can you spot some of my weaknesses in my shopping cart?


Are you interested in meeting with a nutritionist to get your assessment and evaluation of your nutritional health?  You can schedule an appointment with Julie at 954-655-8543 or


Amanda Patterson, LMHC, CAP , Mental Health Counselor of the Year by the Florida Mental Health Counseling Association,  decided to become a therapist while attending Nova Southeastern University. She saw the need to help people achieve the life they wanted to live, while creating a life of her own. She completed her master’s in Mental Health Counseling and started a career in the juvenile justice arena. Amanda has been a therapist for ten years and has a private practice in Wellington, Florida, specializing in depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and substance abuse in teenagers and young adults. Amanda is a believer in holistic treatment and she practices veganism, meditation and yoga in her life. Find out more about her practice here.

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