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Last year, I started doing business planning workshops with therapists. As most of us know, we didn’t learn business planning or marketing techniques in graduate school. The #1 question people asked me during these workshops was “How do I get clients?”.   I’m here to tell you my strategies that have given me over $100,000 in income every year I’ve been doing private practice full-time.

Five years ago when I started my practice, I was the DIY Queen. Mondays were my slow day and I worked for hours on a website that did NOTHING for me!

When I began to use Facebook to market my practice, I did it all myself and I didn’t have a plan. I listened to some podcasts and I read blogposts but I knew I needed to create a solid plan for myself because I had big dreams.

By learning to market my practice, I’ve been able to

  • Generate over $100,000 in income for my practice
  • Make a plan to pay-off my student loans 4 years early
  • Create a schedule that works for me
  • Fill my practice schedule and begin a group practice collective
  • Find the happiness I knew was waiting for my as a therapist

Like most therapists, we worry about

  • Having the time to put into marketing
  • How to do marketing that is ethical
  • The money that comes along with paying for
    • A website
    • Social media manager
    • Boosting posts on Facebook
    • SEO specialists
    • Google Adwords campaigns

Are you worried about creating a winning strategy to market your private practice?

It’s time to change the course of your private practice

By learning to market your private practice, you will be able to…

  • Increase your revenue by increasing your pricing and the services you provide
  • Work with your ideal client and offer them high quality therapy and counseling
  • Create a schedule that fits into your lifestyle, such as taking more vacations, not working on the weekends or cutting down on your evening appointments
  • Market in a way that is authentic to you

During this course, you will receive

  • Four weeks of video instruction, worksheets, Q&A segments and worksheets on how to market your practice
  • Exclusive access to the private Facebook group “My Private Practice Marketing Tribe”
  • A special video from my social media manager, Liz Patterson, who will teach you all the tricks of the trade she has learned by managing my social media sites
  • How to use Facebook ads to generate business and make decisions around your private practice
  • Using Facebook live videos to increase brand awareness
  • Ways to use Instagram to connect with your ideal client #idealclient #therapist #mentalhealth #marketmypractice
  • How Twitter can be used to increase traffic to your website with only 140 characters
  • Strategies on blogging and how niche writing leads to cash-paying clients
  • The importance of SEO and how to achieve the coveted “First Page on Google”
  • Where you can find a legitimate resource for therapists to manage your Google Adwords campaign
  • Ways to create a referral base of 90 people and how to create deep relationships with them
  • Email marketing strategies and how they can be used to fill your caseload or workshops
  • My top tech tools and how I use them on a regular basis

What people have to say about my workshops

“Amanda’s business planning workshop was the missing piece that I needed for my private practice, Self-Care Solutions. It provided a structured way to help me figure out the values, mission, and goals for my business. I highly recommend this training!”

Julia Manfre, LMHC, NCC, Owner of Self-Care Solutions, LLC

“Whether you are looking to expand into private practice, or a  seasoned private practitioner, I highly recommend taking Amanda’s Business Planning Workshop.  Amanda shares how she transitioned from agency work and created a thriving private practice.  This workshop was informative and created a space for me to reflect on my short and long term private practice goals.”

Mark Levinsky, LMHC, Private Practice, Boca Raton

“Amanda is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building a successful and thriving private practice.  With her guidance and support I was able to develop a realistic business plan and was able to identify the steps I need to take to have a successful practice.  Amanda is a great speaker, not only because of her knowledge base but also because of her patience and hands on approach to teaching what she practices daily.”

Stephanie Savo, LMHC, Private Practice, Pembroke Pines

“The business plan workshop was very helpful. Lots of information presented in a relaxed comfortable and fun setting. Amanda has great energy and was very relatable and inclusive. Being a life coach I was concerned that the information wouldn’t be relevant but it all was not only relevant but has been instrumental in my business plan. Looking forward to the social media workshop!”

Randy Amodio, Life Coach

The Bonuses you will receive

Direct Feedback on your marketing materials

Support in the Facebook group where I’ll have specific times to answer questions

Lifetime membership to the “My Private Practice Marketing Tribe

Special discounts on upcoming courses on Business Planning

Questions and Answers

Q: How will the material be delivered?

A: All of the material will be delivered to the Facebook group, exclusively for members of this course. I will do a combination of Facebook live videos and pre-recorded videos. All PDFs and worksheets will be posted in the group, as well.

Q: How long is the course and how long will I have access to it?

A: The course will run for 4 weeks and you will have access to it forever.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: All sales are final and non-refundable. Based on my past workshops, I am confident you will complete this course ready to put the recommendations into action.