Private Practice Paperwork

Are you a mental health professional in private practice? In order for you to continue doing the work you love by making a difference in people’s lives, it’s vital that you minimize your liability.

I’d like to share a really cool resource with you for decreasing liability and increasing client care. Kate and Katie from The Private Practice Startup are on a mission to ensure private practitioners feel confident that their paperwork meets the legal and ethical standards of the mental health profession.  They offer Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork that has been reviewed by both family law and health care law attorneys assuring it’s the highest quality, protecting both you and your clients.

I’ve partnered with them, because Kate and Katie from The Private Practice Startup because of their commitment to improving the mental health field and providing private practitioners with the best resources to be successful. I wanted to make sure you were in the loop as I share this low cost and convenient opportunity for clinicians established in practice or building their practice!

If you’re interested in learning more, you can test drive their Attorney Approved HIPAA Form for FREE. If you’re ready to purchase, then check out the awesome discounts below.

Here is what you do:

  1. Click here to head over to The Private Practice Startup’s Paperwork where you can learn more and have ALL your questions answered.

  2. Choose the package(s) that fit best for you.

  3. At checkout use these codes to get a discount (saving money makes me happy):

    1. PAT10 for Supervision Paperwork

    2. PAT40 for the Base Package of Paperwork

    3. PAT80 for the Peak Package of Paperwork

  4. Enjoy and give yourself a high five for making a smart investment in yourself and your business!

  5. PS – if you aren’t ready yet or want to test drive their paperwork, get their HIPAA Form FREE.

  6. PPS – want to learn more about the legal and ethical requirements for private practice paperwork, watch their FREE Online Course!