Talkspace is Therapy Wherever You Are

Talkspace is Therapy Wherever You Are

Current technologies allow us to communicate in many ways, and we have changed the way we interact with others as a result. We can text, tweet, Skype, and post to Facebook rather than talking on the telephone or meeting in person. We handle our finances online and have doctors we have never met in person. Now we can have therapy through text messages.

Talkspace is a platform offering therapy through texting, at a much lower cost than traditional “in-person” therapy. For $32.00 per week, you can talk to your therapist once per day through text messaging. Other plans for more therapist contact are available. The savings are significant when you consider a one-hour traditional therapy session can cost hundreds of dollars.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of Talkspace is its availability. Those who cannot go to a regular therapy session for some reason can reach their therapist through text message. The service is great for people who travel frequently, work long hours, or who do not have regularly available transportation.

Other benefits of texting your therapist are many. One of Talkspace’s therapists, Scott Christnelly, considers the service beneficial to both therapists and clients. He states that the delay that accompanies texting is helpful, allowing both clients and therapists time to consider their possible actions. Although he initially missed being able to read the body language of his clients, he has learned “bridge that gap.” He hopes professionals will learn to express understanding and compassion through writing in the way they have previously through speaking.

Oren Frank and his wife created Talkspace in 2012, hoping to make psychotherapy available and affordable to everyone. He is now CEO of Talkspace and works to continually improve the service.

A freelance writer and frequent traveler, Mishvo, decided to try Talkspace text therapy and write about her experience. She found many positives in Talkspace’s service. She found her therapist responsive to her requests and needs. She also enjoyed being able to be anywhere, and still contact her therapist. She feels Talkspace was beneficial for her as a whole.

Many hope text therapy will help overcome the hesitance some feel about getting psychotherapy. With the choice of patient anonymity, some of the stigmas of receiving therapy are removed, and more people may ask for help.

IMPORTANT: If you are having a crisis, call a local hotline. This service is not available for emergency help.

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