Practikat: How to Get Resources You Need and Sell Resource You’ve Got

Amanda Patterson and Katie Englert discuss:

Practikat: How to Get Resources You Need and Sell Resource You’ve Got


Katie’s Bio: Katie Englert is an experienced entrepreneur who works with therapists to help them pioneer new ways to practice. Katie knows that helping therapists find their path to developing what they are best at is how mental health field will prosper.

Katie has started two successful group private practices and co-created Practikat, the first online marketplace exclusively for mental health professionals. Katie has been honored as a Top 10 Young Leaders in Western Kentucky, Voted Best Attitude of Paducah Leadership Class #30. She has spoken at the Kentucky Counseling Association State Conference, Young Professional Summit Entrepreneurial Panel in 2017.

Katie is a Licensed Professional Clinical Supervisor in Kentucky, a National Certified Counselor, a Board Certified Telemental Health Counselor and a level 2 Gottman trained therapist. Katie holds a BS in Family & Consumer Science from the University of Kentucky and a MAE in Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapist from Western Kentucky University.

What makes me different? I am a wife, a mother of 2, therapist and business owner. I am a woman from rural western Kentucky who decided to take a chance on a big idea. I want to offer therapists in private practice an opportunity to level up quicker and really get in to what they can contribute to the mental health field. I have taken a decidedly unconventional way to start a business. I started my first business in a new town where I didn’t know anyone, and I had two children under 4, one was 6 months old when I opened the doors. I have a wild imagination, even as an adult. I have been called a disruptor, bold, creative, and decisive. Although my mind is prone to wander, once I land on a direction I can self-propel to deliver on the idea. I am comfortable with change and want to offer a new perspective that is purposeful. I can offer solutions quickly with a fresh perspective.


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Amanda Patterson is a private practice consultant who helps therapists create business and marketing plans. She’s the owner of a group practice, Caring Therapists of Broward in South Florida.  She’s the founder of My Private Practice Tribe, an online community for therapists in private practice.  Find out more about Amanda here:

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