Developing Strategic Systems for Private Practice

Amanda Landry and Kasey Compton discuss:

Developing Strategic Systems for Private Practice

Kasey’s Bio: Kasey is the owner of Mindsight Behavioral Group located in south central Kentucky. Her practice is very diverse and hires a range of over 80 wellness professionals. She has six physical office locations spread out over 17 counties where Mindsight’s services are provided. Her superpower definitely lies within creating and capturing innovative systems for growth while being highly focused on the financials. She believes that the financials speak volumes for how effective your practice’s systems are, and she enjoys helping other group practice owners learn to evaluate their own financial to use as an indicator for change.

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Amanda Patterson is a private practice consultant who helps therapists create business and marketing plans. She’s the owner of a group practice, Caring Therapists of Broward in South Florida.  She’s the founder of My Private Practice Tribe, an online community for therapists in private practice.  Find out more about Amanda here:

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