Top Five Ethical Ways For Therapists to Get Reviews

Reviews matter and they are going to continue to matter and they will probably start to matter even more than they do now.  Consumers use reviews to make decisions about what restaurants to eat at, what products to purchase and what healthcare professionals to use.  The tricky part for therapists and mental health providers is that we can’t ask our “customers” for reviews. Most business savvy restaurants put a sign up somewhere in their restaurant asking for reviews. Mental health professionals can’t exactly put up a sign and ask for reviews. We are bound by our ethics.  So, how will… Continue Reading This Article

Top Five Tips for Therapists Who Want to Take Insurance in Florida

If you are in Florida, in mental health and have/want a private practice, you will want tips for therapists who want to take insurance in Florida.  It is very common for clients to want to use their insurance for mental health services. There are a lot of therapists in private practice who are serving the population and making a living by accepting insurance.   If you are interested in learning more about accepting insurance, follow these top five tips for therapists who want to take insurance in Florida:   1. Gather all your paperwork and information You will need a… Continue Reading This Article

The Top Thirteen Directories for Therapists

There are a ton of directories out there for therapists and business owners and here are the top thirteen directories for therapists outline for you.  Directories are a common way therapists can get referrals and leads, especially for private paying clients. If you do a Google search, these directories are usually the first sites to come up which means people are using them to find therapists.  Now, you don’t have to be on every site; however you may want to try each directory for a period of time and look at how many leads you get and how often you… Continue Reading This Article

Top Three Recommendations When Creating A Niche

You’re starting out in private practice and it’s time to determine who you are going to work with.  You are going to get a lot of advice about creating a niche. It’s actually really good advice and something you need to heed when it is given to you.   Creating a niche is one of the ingredients to starting and establishing a successful private practice, whether you take insurance or you are only private pay.  The more you are known for something, the more people will think of you specifically when they have a potential referral for you. Here are… Continue Reading This Article

Five Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Back to School Anxiety

Five Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Back to School Anxiety  School is almost in session and your child may need some ways to help cope with back to school anxiety.  Every parent knows the anxiety that comes with the first day of school. Whether children are returning or just starting their first day of kindergarten, first day of school anxiety is normal and to be expected. Children and teens can experience anxiety about a teacher, starting a new school, the subject matter, or even just being away from home and not knowing what might happen. As parents, it… Continue Reading This Article

Five Ways to Reduce Test Anxiety

Five Ways to Reduce Test Anxiety Test anxiety is an issue for many students.  Whether you’re in high school taking your SAT or an adult taking a driver’s license exam, taking a test can be nerve-wracking for a lot of people. Based on feedback, everyone has experienced test anxiety at some point in their lives (perhaps some more than others) but it is important to know that it is completely normal to experience anxiety and stress surrounding exams.  Here are some ways you can reduce test anxiety. 1. Be prepared for the test Make sure you are studying for the… Continue Reading This Article

TMS Health Solutions Offers Help To Patients With Treatment-Resistant Depression

TMS Health Solutions Offers Help To Patients With Treatment-Resistant Depression Are you suspecting that a member of your family is suffering from clinical depression? This mental illness is getting prevalent these days because of the current state of the world. In that sense, you don’t have to be ashamed but you need to be sure. As it is, diagnosing this illness is very difficult. The symptoms are very different in those who are affected. Some of the symptoms include agitation, anxiety, not able to enjoy social activities, feeling irritable, empty feelings and fatigue. A combination of these symptoms may be… Continue Reading This Article

Talkspace is Therapy Wherever You Are

Talkspace is Therapy Wherever You Are Current technologies allow us to communicate in many ways, and we have changed the way we interact with others as a result. We can text, tweet, Skype, and post to Facebook rather than talking on the telephone or meeting in person. We handle our finances online and have doctors we have never met in person. Now we can have therapy through text messages. Talkspace is a platform offering therapy through texting, at a much lower cost than traditional “in-person” therapy. For $32.00 per week, you can talk to your therapist once per day through… Continue Reading This Article

Eight Areas to Focus on in 2018

It’s that time of the year.  Everyone is getting ready to start setting their New Year’s Resolutions.  They might look like: lose ten pounds, join the gym, get a new job, etc.  People set resolutions at the beginning of the year and by June, those resolutions are long but forgotten. For 2018, my recommendation is to look at the following eight areas of your life and assess where you are at in each area.  Once you have an idea of how you are functioning, you can set goals in each area.  Make small goals for yourself so that you don’t… Continue Reading This Article

5 Ways Having a Cat is Good For Your Mental Health

5 Ways Having a Cat is Good For Your Mental Health For those of you who have followed my blogposts, you will now see me as a traitor.  In the past, I have written a blogpost about how having a dog is good for your mental health.  You would be correct, I am a traitor.  My alliance now is to my two cats who bring me a ton of joy and happiness. In fact, they inspired me to write this blogpost because they have helped to improve my mental health.  I believe that people can be both a dog person… Continue Reading This Article