6 Red Flags To Pay Attention To When Dating 

Red Flags To Pay Attention To When Dating

Dating in today’s day and age can be pretty tough, right? There are so many disingenuous people and you get ghosted, you wind up with broken hearts, and it can all feel a little scary. Fortunately, there are some red flags to keep an eye out for when you start dating someone that will help you steer clear of winding up with a broken heart!

The more you protect yourself against these red flags, the less likely you will be to end up with someone that isn’t a good match for you. What’s more, if you’re able to get familiar with the red flags I’m about to go over, you’re going to be able to spot them from a mile away and you can protect yourself with ease!

The importance of paying attention to red flags

Oftentimes, when people fall for someone, it becomes dangerously easy to be blind to their flaws. Of course, no one is perfect and no one should be expected to be, but the rose-colored glasses we wear when we are falling for someone can actually be dangerous when they blind us from serious red flags.

So what can help with this? Well, knowing what to look for, that’s what! If you can identify red flags when you’re beginning to date, you can steer clear of toxic relationships, imbalances of power, disrespect, and a general sense of unhappiness! If you can recognize red flags in a person, then it’s easy to bow out of the budding relationship and spend your time and energy on someone that is aligned with you.

What’s more, it ensures that you are always being true to yourself, are loving yourself, and are prioritizing your well being and happiness.

That said, let’s take a look at 6 of the biggest red flags!

1: This person’s words are inconsistent with their actions

The number one red flag to keep an eye out for is when a person says one thing but does something else. Think about it – words are easy! A person can say anything, but if their words aren’t backed up by actions they just become empty promises or even lies. It can be as simple as a person telling you that he or she will see you on Friday but you don’t end up hearing from them.

2: They speak poorly about other people and their ex

If you’ve noticed that this person has a habit of speaking really badly about others, it could reflect how they treat other people. As I said above, no one is perfect, but if a person is being cruel in the way they speak of others on a regular basis, it’s a pretty big red flag.

3: They’re hot and cold and easily angered

A person who seems to have a lot of mood swings or is quick to anger could make it hard to have a serene relationship in which you feel at ease. It can quickly become exhausting and make you end up feeling like you’re walking on eggshells all the time.

4: They’re very secretive…

You notice that this person hides their phone a lot, they don’t share much information about their friends or their family with you, and you catch yourself always wondering about something. If your partner isn’t honest or transparent with you, it can lead to a disconnect and trust issues later on down the line. This is especially true if you realize that they avoid you at certain times or on certain days.

5: They refuse to make the relationship public

One of the biggest red flags I see is when a person refuses to make their relationship public. This goes hand in hand with my previous point about secrecy, and it also means that perhaps something is up, and that they might not value you in the way that you deserve.

6: This person is in need of constant reassurance

Another one of the most common red flags I see is when there is an element of emotional dependency at play. If you see that this person cannot be happy without a relationship and gives you the responsibility of their own happiness, it can quickly undermine the relationship.

A good rule of thumb is to always pay attention to how you’re feeling and make sure that you’re enjoying it. If you’re enjoying the process and you’re feeling good about it, 9 out of 10 times the other person will be feeling good as well. Keep an eye out for these red flags, and just enjoy the process of dating!


Wishing you all the best,

Your coach,

Apollonia Ponti


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